August 11, 2004
10:20 AM

F#$K F*$#
F-WORD!! Why you ask? Because I just wrote this huge journal entry and somehow lost everything I wrote. Argghhhh.. I was feeling it too. Oh well. Let's try to recreate the words. Somehow I left the freezer door open and all my popsicles and pudding pops melted.

That makes for no fun when trying consume these without a stick. The stick is the key. It's kind of like eating meat with your hands or even worse a pancake with syrup. It just doesn't feel right.

You have to eat them fast or you'll get stains on your bed. Your bed you ask? Yes, that's where I eat my pudding pops. Lying down with my head propped up by a pillow. Reading a comic and listening to music.

This is the only time I feel I'm on par monetarily with the Bill Gates, Donald Trumps, and Marc Cubans of the word. At that moment in time I realize they cannot do any better than me at eating the pudding pop.

Unless they are lying in bed being fed the pudding pop by Audrey Tautou(Star of the movie Amelie), then I'd be jealous.

I'm leaving tomorrow for Chicago. I have two days off to enjoy the city before my short tour starts.

I'm trying desperately to get tickets to see the CUBS play on either Friday or Saturday, but the games are sold out and I don't want to pay an arm and leg to see the game from a scalper. What a shame those scalpers. Damn them. Tonight MU330 plays at SLIMS. I hope there's a lot of people at the club. It will be nice to have a strong turnout for them. They deserve it.

Peace, mike park