August 09, 2004
11:42 AM

Saw a great movie last night called Maria Full Of Grace. I realized my last 4 movies have been Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, Napoleon Dynamite, Anchorman, and Cinderella Story.

Yes, I realize a few of those are trivial at best, but I was in a comedy mood these past few weeks. But getting back to the basics of a good art house film was much needed.

Oddly enough, I saw three pidgeons this weekend who were near death.

#1 pidgeon-Saw a cat hunting down this one, so I interfered and got the cat to run away, but I knew he'd be back so I tried to get the pidgeon to leave, but he/she wouldn't. Nothing seemed wrong with the bird, but I could tell things weren't going so well.

#2 pidgeon-on the way back home from seeing pidgeon 1, there was a pidgeon with the wings spread out foaming at the mouth, convulsions that would make a vibrator jealous. It was super sad. I didn't know what to do. So I just left. Out of sight..out of mind

#3 pidgeon-I was in San Francisco locking up my bike when #3 walked by me with a grunting sound. I looked down and this bird was messed up. A big tumor hanging from the head and a beak that seemed to be missing. It sucked. Again, out of sight..out of mind.. I ran away.

But why? t's been so long since the last time I saw an injured pidgeon. Why suddenly 3? Why?

Oh well, I also got called a fag while riding my bike on Friday night. It was around 10:30 PM and me and Monica were riding down Santa Clara St. and a car drove by with a group of nice gentlemen who yelled fag. That was nice of them. They were stuck at the traffic light and I rode by them and smiled big.

Then they got really angry that I smiled and revved the engine and the booming bass of their stereo system seemed to get louder. Would they run me over? Hmmmm.... Luckily they just drove by me with a tough glare. I smiled again. Why are people mean?

Yesterday I rode by a man on the sidewalk who called me a gimp and then he called Monica a bitch. Again, why mean people? Why am I a gimp?

I'm wondering if there are any bay area people that read this? The reason I ask...Would any of y'all be willing to help pass out flyers for the show I'm doing at SLIMS in San Francisco on August 25th. If you can help, please shoot me an email at

MU330 is in town, so I'm trying to get down early so I can hang out and have some fun. Wish me luck. Be good.

Peace always, Mike