September 24, 2003
2:27 PM

Yikes!! It's prety late in the day and I totally forgot about writing. Well kids, I am a baseball fan and in particular a fan of the Oakland Athletics. You see, the A's have made the playoffs the last 4 years in a row, but for some reason nobody comes to their games. For example I went to the game last night and they clinched their division and yet, there were only 20,000 people there. I realize 20,000 people is a lot and I would pee my pants if 20,000 people came to see me play anything, but there are other teams that aren't even in the playoffs that are drawing so many more. But I don't care....This is actually why I love the A's so much. You see, you can buy upper deck tickets for 50% off with a AAA card. SO I get my ticket for $4. $4 bucks!! For a pro baseball game! F#@K yeah! And then I sneak down to the lower level and friggin A, I'm a winner sitting in $40 seats. I go to Taco Bell before the game, get two bean burritos and large coke.. Then I proceed to park at BART(Bay Area Rapid Transit) for free and walk over the bridge that leads to the Oakland Coliseum. Total price-$4 for the game, $4 for food, and free parking. $8!!!!! That's cheaper than a movie. The only negative is the 1 hour drive to the coliseum from good ol' San Jose. Well people, I'm back to work. Listening to NPR today. No music. Just talk radio. Be good.

Peace always,
Mike Park