August 05, 2004
3:08 PM

I just sprained my ankle playing basketball. Things could be worse, but ya know...I'm in pain and ugghh is really all I can think of right now. On to better things...I saw Harold and Kumar go to White Castle again last night. The movie is sheer genius. I laugh by myself at night thinking of scenes from the movie. Actually, during the movie I would be the only one laughing during certain scenes. Hmmmmm...

I went with my super special friend Monica and Bridgett, my old sweetheart. It was the first time for Monica and Bridgett to see each other and I felt very good with the encounter. I'm really excited to be able to embrace Bridgett as my friend again and to have her in my life. She's a wonderful person, so it's extremely important to me that we are friends.

I've been extremely anxious these past few days. Can't really explain the anxiety attacks. I can barely sleep at night and have been absolutely useless in the productivity category at work. What to do about this? I really don't know. I'll wait and see.

Perhaps I'm thinking too much. Instead of letting things just happen, I tend to over analyze every situation. It's not healthy, I know this, but what can I do? It's just the way I am. The dream of being able to just relax and breathe in life as it comes has always been my desire, but the fact remains that I am a control freak. Anways, I don't know what the heck I'm saying. I better get back to some kind of work. I'll write more tomorrow. Be well

Peace, mike park