July 30, 2004
11:49 AM

I just did an interview with the Chicago Tribune. That's pretty neat. They were doing an article on the Asians in Rock tour that I start in two weeks. That's coming up fast. Is anyone coming to any of the shows? Hmmmm.... I hope so. Let me know if you're coming. Email me at mikeasianman@aol.com

I went to the park yesterday and played basketball by myself. The sun was beating down hard and I seemed to be lacking in energy so I lasted only 20 minutes. After a shower I took off to watch John Kerry's speech at a function near n. 10th and Commercial ave.

In this vets hall type of deal they had big screens set up and cookies and punch for everyone. I had volunteered to help set up the chairs and break down. I got there a bit late and everything was pretty much set up. Ooops...

But I helped clean up and ate as many cookies as I could. It didn't leave me feeling so good as I treked back home in the dark. I was impressed with the speech and enjoyed the company of 200 people yelling at everything he said. It was funny. Much older crowd. Averaging in age of about 40-50. I thought it would be a younger crowd, but that's cool.

I had only eaten cookies for dinner. My last meal was lunch, so I felt like I needed to eat some real food. I opened up a can of Turkey Chili that had been sitting in the cupboards and added cheese and then I ate them with Tortilla chips. It was soooooo....grosse. I felt like I was eating dog food.

I need to go back to the vegeterian lifestyle. What am I doing. ARGGHH!! It was so sickening. I got a call from a friend that was going dancing downtown, but I felt so sick, that I stayed in. I felt pretty lousy. Oh well. I'm going to the Monterey Bay aquarium tomorrow and then my cousins daughters birthday on Sunday. Yup, I'm a rockstar.

Peace, mike park