July 29, 2004
10:35 AM

I went to play basketball yesterday, but they were re-doing the floor. It's closed for 1 week. It's realization for me that I'm addicted to basketball. I tried conventional means of excercise..i.e. running on a treadmill, lifting weights, etc.. But it's so boring. I ended up sitting in the jacuzzi for 20 minutes. Is that excercise?

I rode my bike to the gym, but that really doesn't count as excersize since I ride so slow. Most of the time I'm talking on the phone whilst I ride.

Didn't end up going to San Francisco. The lazy bug got me and the thought of the one hour drive turned me upside down. I rode by the movie theater to see if my friend Manny was working. I would have loved to have seen a movie, but no luck.

Ended up going over a friends house on 7th street. This girl named Carrie that I met recently. She has this crazy cat named Thumper who would attack your head while sitting at the couch. We were watching the DNC and ate pretzels. I ended up leaving after a short stay.

Rode up the back roads towards the College and zig zaged through the pillars. I rode by the Blank Club to see if there were any bands playing, but there weren't...just dancing. But I did see a homeless guy yell "PUSSY" very loud as I rode by him. He yelled "PUSSY" at least 3 times. I rode faster to get away. Maybe I am a pussy? But what is a pussy? Was he referring to me as a cat/feline? Or perhaps I resembled the female genitalia? I don't know.

I stopped at the grocery store and got some orange juice and noticed pizza was on sale(Buy one get one free), so I got some pizza. Ended up eating a big pizza when I got home. Tasted good going down, but I was in no position to be eating that much so late in the day. It was getting late, so I brushed my teeth and went to sleep.ZZZZZZZZZZ

Peace, mike park