July 28, 2004
2:05 PM

I'm impressed with the speech last night by Barack Obama, the soon to be demoratic Senator from Illinois. What a powerful speech of unity and peace. I'm curious to see the speeches by Kerry and Edwards today and tomorrow.

Monica will be in Boston tomorrow. I wish I was there too. Boohoo... Tonight I'm going to San Francisco to support a friend that's running for city council of San Francisco. His name is Jess Townley. He played in such punk bands as BLATZ, the GRUPS, the CRIMINALS, and currently the FRISK. He's having a fund raiser atthe cherry bar on Folsom. Should be fun.

Yesterday I met up with my friend Aaron and of course we rode bikes and caught up on each others lives. Rode to Costco so we could eat pretzels for $.99 I doubt anybody does that. DO they?

I've got more work to do, laundry is piling up, and I need to brush my teeth, so farewell for now and have a good day y'all.

Peace, mike park