July 27, 2004
3:11 PM

My car is falling apart. My mom ran into my car about a month ago. It was my fault. I parked in a blind spot in the driveway and rode my bike home from there earlier in the day. She's used to just backing up and she had no idea I parked behind her. DOH!!

Anyways, my window broke and now it won't go up, so I took it apart, put a coat hanger inside to keep it up and it's just like new. Not really, it won't go all the way up. It falls about 3 inches short.

I hate the thought of getting a new car. I'd like to drive my van until it completely dies. The dream situation would be that it would take it's final breath just feet from my driveway and there I would call a towing company to take it away forever.

Last night I went to Oakland and saw the A's play and win again. GO A'S!! Final score 14-5. The game lasted over 3 hours and I didn't get home til' 11:00 PM. I felt completely restless so I hopped on my bike and rode down to a local pub to have a drink and to see if I knew anyone. Didn't recognize anybody, but had a drink since it was $1.50 for beer.

This one girl with lots of tatoos was giving me the eye. Not the evil eye, but like the EYE!! I'm no good at getting the eye, so I played shy like and kept my head down. Next thing I know she's next to me smiling and says "Mike, you don't remember me". DOH!! Ummmm....No.....

She reminded me that we were both friends with this girl named Carrie and that we had gone to LA about 10 years with some other mutual friends in a car pool for her wedding. Anyways, she looked a lot different, but I remembered her. She used to be just this nice girl. I'm sure she's still nice, but so many tatoos. Tatoos on the left, tatoos on the right, tatoos on the neck, tatoos, on everything.

We talked for a bit and then I went home. I rode the back streets home so I could ride my bike in the middle of the road and lift my arms up and pretend I was Lance Armstrong winning the tour de San Jose. Got home to sweltering heat and just ate popsicles until my body cooled down. Thought about Monica and what she was doing and then read and slept.. ZZZZZZZZZZ

Peace, Mike Park