July 26, 2004
1:53 PM

I am scratching my arms, legs, hands.....because I got double digit mosquito bites last night. Ugghhh... Went to the A's game yesterday and they won 9-2. Yes, I realize you don't care...

This weekend was a bit dull.. Went to San Francisco Friday and got a ride from this guy named Josh whom I met through world famous Jason Thinh. Unfortunately that meant I was stuck at the mercy of when everyone else was leaving.

Around 9 PM I got a call from Becky from the band Cardinal Sin. They were in Santa Cruz and needed a place to stay. The problem was I was nowhere near home. But I gave them directions and they entertained themselves until 1:30 AM.(that's when I got home)

I tried my best to stay up late and hang out, but my eyes were heavy and I finally collapsed at around 4 AM.. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

I woke up at noon. That's much to late. I felt useless. Everyone else was still asleep, so I read comics, in particular eightball and ate nachos. The first member woke up at around 1:30 PM. YIKES!! And the rest followed as they had to drive to Wyoming for a show the next day.

I went to my moms house and had dinner with mom, sister, and brother in law. We talked and watched Korean Video. Sound exciting? ummmm...yes... hope you had as fun as me this weekend.

Peace always, Mike Park