July 23, 2004
11:05 AM

My best friend and key to my heart Monica is in Maine for the next 10 days. While she's gone I'm gonna finally have some fun and go wild!!
It's gonna be like GIRLS GONE WILD everynight for me. No.. I'm kidding. I'm the most simple person in the world. I'm probably gonna end up riding my bike exploring new turf, smiling at strangers, and waving to cute girls.

I like telling girls they're cute and then riding away real fast. Leaves me in a good position of not having to deal with an awkward statement and at the same time they were just complimented and everyone is happy. Right? Hmmm...

My words aren't as simple as "Hey cute girl"... I usually will ride up to them and (Reminder, I'm a sucker for girls on vintage bikes and there seems to be more and more of them riding downtown.) say "Hi" "You are super cute" Doh!! I guess I do just say that...

Anyways, I got to hang out with Dan Potthast last night. We rode bikes to Streetlight Records to see Lawrence Arms. Dan hadn't seen the guys in a long time, so it was nice for all of us to get together again. Though it was a very short meeting, we managed to get a free soda from the band and a bean burrito. We rode back to my house and headed to San Francisco as it was getting late.

We were passing out flyers for an MU330 show and wanted to get to San Francisco to pass out flyers to a big show with REEL BIG FISH. I didn't even know they were still a band, but to my amazement they are bigger than ever as they sold out this huge venue called the FILLMORE. That's like 1,300 people. DAMN!! I'm amazed.

We got there around 11 PM and were hoping we weren't late. Fortunately the show was still going on and we waited outside to pass out flyers to the sea of people. We made 800 flyers and unfortunately we didn't make enough as we ran out. Oh well. Dan has a lot of fans, so it was nice to see kids excited to see him. It's not everyday that bands flyer for their own shows. It's usually street team type of stuff.

Anyways, we left to get burritos on Mission st. and then took the long journey back home. Fortunately we had good conversation as Dan talked about his bands recent tour to Russian and Europe. Funny stories. HEE HEE

Smile big and have a good weekend.... Peace, mike park