July 22, 2004
3:15 PM

It feels like Saturday. Yesterday felt like Friday, but today is Thursday? What's wrong with me? I drove Monica to the airport at 5:30 AM. She's gone back east to visit her family in Maine.

It would be nice to go back there with her, but unfortunately I've got things to do here like eat nachos and drink slurpees. Not really, I just have to hold down the fort at asian man because Miya is in NYC vacationing like a rock star.

Saw the Lawrence Arms last night. They rocked hard, but I had to leave early since I was getting up in a few hours to head back to SF. Oh boy, I should take a nap, but there's no time for that. Instead I'll drink caffeine like it's water and shake my head very hard when I start to doze off.

Dan Potthast is coming over and then we're gonna ride bikes to Streetlight Records and see the Lawrence Arms play a free show. Then we're off to SF to see the RX BANDITS play a big rock show at the FILLMORE. That's where all the famous SF bands like the Grateful Dead played in the 60's. It's super nice and they give out free apples.

I'm running on fumes, so I better get going. This short run of words has taken me nearly 25 minutes to write because I keep dozing off. It's now 3:38 PM

Peace, mike park