July 21, 2004
9:27 AM

There's a painful blemish on my face. In other words a zit. It's located directly on the lower left chin area. I'll be at the Lawrence Arms show tonight in San Francisco, so if you see me there check it out. I've tried to squeeze it and the pain almost knocked me out.

I rent the attic of a home in Downtown San Jose. I live on 11th st. and the home is owned by a Peruvian gentleman named Edmundo. He's transformed his small property into a rental property of sorts.

The attic(my place), the basement(edmundos brother and girlfriend), the main house(e's uncle, brother, brothers wife, and brothers son), two units built in the far back yard(E's friend Manrique, a couple and their son). That's a lot of people in a small area and I've finally become comfortable hanging out with everyone.

Everybody is Peruvian except one gentleman who is Columbian. Spanish is spoken, but they all try to talk to me in English unfortunately their English is quite poor, but I try and try to understand. Last night I BBQ'd and watched soccer with everyone.

Columbia was playing Argentina and the one Columbian gentleman was wearing the team jersey and hung the Columbian flag for the game. They love soccer and beer. Lots of beer is drunk and they like to have me drink too. I ended up having 2 drinks and they were quite refreshing since it was hot outside and the beverages were ice cold.

The sun was setting and mosquitos started biting, so I said my goodbyes and went back up to my attic. It was still early so I called my friend Ken Lee and went to see a movie. My movie hookup, MANNY hooked me up and we went to Napoleon Dynamite, but when we got there we decided to see I ROBOT because we had seen ND already.

The previews looked so dumb, but to be honest...I and Ken enjoyed it very much. Pretty silly flick, but entertaining. I rode home on my bike and zig zagged across the street feeling the beautiful summer breeze.. AHHHHH!! Couldn't fall asleep so I ended up reading Ghost World and eating late night snacks. I remember seeing 2:40 AM and finallly ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Peace always, Mike Park