July 20, 2004
10:34 AM

I'm puffy.. Not the band, but in the face. Which means I ate before I went to sleep. And in particular I ate foods with lots of salt. Nachos and soda at bedtime. YUMMM....

The past 3 days have flown by. I dont' know where to start. I made a new connection at the CAMERA 12 theaters. A punker named Manny works there and hooked me up with free tickets to Napoleon Dynamite which by the way rules!!
Friggin rules!!

I need to see it again and again. PEDRO FOR PRESIDENT!! He said come back anytime and he'd hook me up. Recorded a bunch of stuff this weekend. I'm trying to finish up the vocals for the Bruce Lee Band EP I'm putting out.

I also recorded an acoustic song for a benefit compilation coming out in Japan. I wrote this song on Friday and recorded it Saturday. It's pretty good. I need to do more song writing and spend more time with my music. It makes me happy, but I neglect it so much.

The recording took away from my bike riding. I was actually freaking out without being able to ride my bike. And of course yesterday was asian man records day at the A's game. I ended up playing a short set to open the festivities, followed by Short Round, and then Love Songs. We had 96 people show up, which made for a good time.

Didn't run out of food this year, but we did run out of drinks. ARGGHHH!! BBQ = FUN Smelling all smoky from the charcoal is a good time for sure. I need to write more , but I've got to run and do some work for a change. Sorry. Be good. Lots of shows to go to this week.

Peace, mike park