July 16, 2004
12:36 PM

Take 2...
Dammnit.. I lost everything I just wrote. Uggh...
Last night A's won 4-2. I know you don't care, but I do and I'm the best, so that's all that matters.

Me and Monica went to a punk show in Oakland after the game. It was at a warehouse and the performance space was in a room that fit about 50 people.

Lots of punks and loads of bicycles, which made me happy. . The show reminded me of the shows I used to go to in the early 90's at PUNKS WITH PRESSES..

I saw Bikini Kill there and was shaking in my boots as Kathleen Hannah was inches from me. She was probably weirded out by the fact that I was drooling, but ya know that's the way it goes.

Next time Le Tigre comes to town I'm gonna ask her for a big hug and won't let go ever. Toys that Kill were rockin.

No stage, just punks right in their faces singing along and dancing. Super fun! I took off after they played missing the Fleshies whom I want to see.

Also missed Good For Cows as their sets overlapped. The one hour drive back home was hard as I was nodding off. I'm recording music today and then off to SF to table for the PUNKVOTER show. FUN FUN

Peace always, Mike Park

PS-I'll be posting the following for the next few days, so if you've read this before go to sleep.


This year, the day will be July 19th vs. the Toronto Blue Jays. We will begin the BBQ at 5:00 PM at the far north end of the Oakland Coliseum parking lot facing the freeway 880. There will be a big red van with a 10 x 10 white tent that says plea for peace on it.

I'm gonna rent a generator and have punk bands play until we get told to shut down.(hopefully that won't happen) There will tons of Asian Man swag being given away, so bring a bag with you. If you plan on coming, I need you to email me at mikeasianman@aol.com

This way I will know how many tickets to buy(It should cost around $5 as I think I can get a group discount) and to know how much food to buy for the BBQ. The big problem last year was that so many people didn't RSVP that I was struggling with lack of food.

ARGHHH!!! So, there's the info.. I'll send more info. as it comes in. And I'll list the bands playing as that info. comes in.