July 05, 2004
9:49 AM

It's the first time I've had a chance to do anything on a computer since Friday. I'm way behind, but that's ok.

Slowly, but surely I'll trek through my mail and move on to the next round of things to do. I'm BBQ'd out.

I feel like a piece of charcoal because of all the bbq smoke that I've inhaled. Watching the coals burn bright red can be fun and hypnotizing.

Spent a great 4th in Santa Cruz and then headed back to San Jose before the fireworks started downtown.

Rode bikes amongst a sea of people. Thousands of people were downtown and it was neat to be able to just ride my bike amongst the craziness of cars battling traffic.

Went to the ART DECO exhibit in SF last Friday. I realize I know nothing about art. I like it, but I can't tell a great piece from an average piece.

Oh well, it's not my forte. Saturday was beautiful in San Francisco. Rode bikes around San Francisco. Went to the movies and saw Farenheit 9/11.

Pretty comanding movie. Powerful and passionate towards their liberal goals. Yesterday, I left for Santa Cruz at 7:30 AM thinking it would be mad traffic for the beach on the 4th, but there were barely any cars and parking was as simple as it could get.

Brought bikes in the van and rode along west cliff which shoulders the ocean and certain beaches.

It was cool and crisp weather wise and I just embraced the beauty of the ocean as the smells of the sea were completely invigorating. Well, I'm off in 1 hour to go to a Giants game with my sister and brother in law. Free tickets!! And you know how I like free!!

Peace always, Mike Park