July 02, 2004
9:47 AM

Another beautiful day in the bay area. I realize now why it costs so much to live here. Not to sound like I'm better because of where I live, but there's just nothing like this time of year.

It's perfect. Not to hot, not to cold. I really can't explain how amazing it is. Yesterday, I met with my old girlfriend Bridgett.

It was the second time seeing her in the last 5 months. We had to take care of some business that we had put off since our breakup. I still care about her so much and I know she feels the same, so of course it was great to see her.

A big part of seeing her was to tell her about Monica. We rode bikes through downtown San Jose and finally I let her know. She had suspected I was dating somebody.

I just wanted to let her know that I am ready to be her friend again and to be there for her. She said it would be good and difficult at the same time, but I know we've made some great steps forward and I'm excited to have her in my life again.

Today I'm leaving at noon to get my car window fixed and then I'm riding my bike down to the train station and commuting to Oakland.

I'm gonna meet up with Monica and then we're gonna hang out with a friend of hers and go to an art show. We'll stay in Oakland tonight and then take our bikes over to San Francisco tomorrow and ride around the city and enjoy the day.

Catch a train back home to San Jose and watch fireworks a day early in downtown San Jose. On the 4th, we're gonna head off early to Santa Cruz to beat the crazed traffic that will be ever so present.

With bikes in tow, we'll go for a beautiful ride along the coast and continue to enjoy the day. I'm so excited, I'm freaking out!!

But I won't be able to update this til' Sunday night, so I'm gonna wish everyone a beautiful weekend now and I'll tell you how things went on Sunday. Take care everyone.
Peace always, Mike Park

PS-I'll be posting the following for the next few weeks, so if you've read this before go to sleep.


This year, the day will be July 26th vs. the Seattle Mariners. We will begin the BBQ at 5:00 PM at the far north end of the Oakland Coliseum parking lot facing the freeway 880. There will be a big red van with a 10 x 10 white tent that says plea for peace on it.

I'm gonna rent a generator and have punk bands play until we get told to shut down.(hopefully that won't happen) There will tons of Asian Man swag being given away, so bring a bag with you. If you plan on coming, I need you to email me at mikeasianman@aol.com

This way I will know how many tickets to buy(It should cost around $5 as I think I can get a group discount) and to know how much food to buy for the BBQ. The big problem last year was that so many people didn't RSVP that I was struggling with lack of food.

ARGHHH!!! So, there's the info.. I'll send more info. as it comes in. And I'll list the bands playing as that info. comes in.