June 29, 2004
9:47 AM

I got an early start today as I need to leave around 3PM to go up to Oakland. Yes, the A's are playing and I need to be there early for some tailgate action.

After work I headed over to the YMCA and went swimming. Two years ago they remodeled and they have this beautiful outdoor pool with a slide and a big mushroom type thing in the middle that blasts water.

It's for kids, but ya know.. I'm the biggest kid of them all. So I played around, but they wouldn't let me go on the slide. BOOHOO!!

I tried to sit the steam room and just meditate, but it smelled bad in there and there were some creepy men staring me down. uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu huhuhuhu.......

Back at my apartment I ate some yogurt and granola and read comics until Miya got finished with work and then we walked down to our favorite restaurant and ate yummy vegan food.

I had a combo plante with stuffed tofu, eggplant, and some fake TUNA. It was really good except the tuna was a bit freaky. Miya got soup. She always gets soup.

I usually do to, but opted for something different this time around. Miya headed home and I listened to some music until I got bored out of my mind and then went for a bike ride in the cool summer night.

It was around 11 PM. I only rode for about 30 minutes, but it was nice to ride fast and feel the wind blow through my bushy hair. A late night snack of pretzels and peanut butter hit me right place and it was ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ............

PS-I'll be posting the following for the next few weeks, so if you've read this before go to sleep.


This year, the day will be July 26th vs. the Seattle Mariners. We will begin the BBQ at 5:00 PM at the far north end of the Oakland Coliseum parking lot facing the freeway 880. There will be a big red van with a 10 x 10 white tent that says plea for peace on it.

I'm gonna rent a generator and have punk bands play until we get told to shut down.(hopefully that won't happen) There will tons of Asian Man swag being given away, so bring a bag with you. If you plan on coming, I need you to email me at mikeasianman@aol.com

This way I will know how many tickets to buy(It should cost around $5 as I think I can get a group discount) and to know how much food to buy for the BBQ. The big problem last year was that so many people didn't RSVP that I was struggling with lack of food.

ARGHHH!!! So, there's the info.. I'll send more info. as it comes in. And I'll list the bands playing as that info. comes in.

Peace always, Mike Park