June 28, 2004
1:11 PM

Another Manic Monday. My weekend included many events including my car getting broken into(Smashed side window), my cell phone being stolen, sleeping on bench seat in a van in 100 degree weather, and a reoccurance of atheletes foot.

You might say that sucks, but to be honest it's all good. I had an amazing weekend, so anything short of a major disaster would be ignored and seen as a blessing.

I drove down to Ridgecrest, Ca. for a wedding last Friday. Well, Adam Davis did all the driving, but I sat for the duration of the drive.

It was about 800 miles total driving. I danced, ate food, marveled at a good looking girl(along with everyone else), but found out she was only 15 and along with everyone else just kind of shook our heads in disbelief, went swimming at the brides parents house, jumped on a trampoline, attempted two back flips(both failed), ate Del Taco, wore a vintage suit, slept in pain, and that was my experience in Ridgecrest. Population 21,000.

We got back to Oakland at a fairly decent time. 3 PM on Saturday, so the day was still young. Took BART(bay area rapid transit) to San Francisco with my Monica and we walked towards the Castro to see the Gay Pride parade.

I was getting super sleepy so we headed back to her apartment and took a nap. After a short nap turned into 2 hours, we headed out to see the movie SAVED with Mandy Moore. I give it 3 stars.

We were gonna buy popcorn, but it was pre-popped and looked yucky and for $4.95(small size) I opted against it. On are walk home we both realized we were starving and pizza sounded good. Monica knew of this yummy place, but thought it closed at midnight and it was 11:35..so she called in an order and the man said sorry we can't make an order after 11:30, but with some persuasion, she got him to make one and it was so good. MMMMMM....MMMMMM....

The next day we headed to the South Bay and we went on an amazing bike ride. With no set destination, we found this bike trail that goes to Los Gatos.

It was so beautiful and the weather was perfect. AHHHHHH!!! We ate french fries at this burger joint on 1st st. that's been around since the 50's and then headed to my apartment and relaxed for the night.

Finally, I need to let you all know about an event that I am putting together. For those of you who live in the bay area of Northern, California......We are having:


This year, the day will be July 26th vs. the Seattle Mariners. We will begin the BBQ at 5:00 PM at the far north end of the Oakland Coliseum parking lot facing the freeway 880. There will be a big red van with a 10 x 10 white tent that says plea for peace on it.

I'm gonna rent a generator and have punk bands play until we get told to shut down.(hopefully that won't happen) If you plan on coming, I need you to email me at mikeasianman@aol.com

This way I will know how many tickets to buy(It should cost around $5 as I think I can get a group discount) and to know how much food to buy for the BBQ. The big problem last year was that so many people didn't RSVP that I was struggling with lack of food.

ARGHHH!!! So, there's the info.. I'll send more info. as it comes in. And I'll list the bands playing as that info. comes in.

Peace always, Mike Park