June 24, 2004
10:13 AM

I need a couple favors.

Favor #1-If you live in the Baltimore, Md. are and can pick me up from the airport. I need a ride on Sunday, August 15th from the airport to a club called the Ottobar. Can anyone give me a ride? It will be around 5 PM. I'll smile big and put you on the guest list for the show that night if you can help out. (THIS ONE IS COMPLETE!!! I got three offers to get picked up. Thanks kind people of the Baltimore area)

Favor #2-I need the same favor on Thursday, August 26th, but need to be picked up in San Diego at the airport and taken to a club called the Casbah. Can anyone hook me up. I'll be coming in late afternoon around 4 PM. (Still need help on this one...Come on San Diego)

That would be very nice if anyone can help out or if you know somebody in either city that you think would be nice enough to pick me up then that would be fantastic. I appreciate it very much.

Ate horrible sushi last night. It was at a place called NO NAME SUSHI on Church and 14th st. in San Francisco. I'm not quite what the deal was, but the sushi rolls were just gigantic.

I'm used to bite size sushi that you can dip in that wonderful mix of soy sauce and wasabi, but these were like....I don't know how to explain...just gigantic and no good and falling apart and expensive and I was not a happy boy.

I need to back track to the previous night. I was first awoken at around 3:30 AM by the subconsciousness of itching my feet. I was so sleepy and out of it, but the itch was so strong and persistent that I finally rose up and examined the fact that I had been bitten by something and it was so itchy.

Two bites were found on my right foot and I just lumbered on my bed pouting as to hope that would cure the itch. I finally got up and went to the fridge to get some ice and I iced my bug bites to numb the pain.

Then I cranked on my fan to #3(that's the highest level) and turned it to face me directly, thinking that somehow freezing me would cure the itch. Anyways, it worked til' 6 AM when I had another itch on my left index finger. And again I repeated previous steps and finally fell asleep for good.

The reason I'm bringing this up now is because I am itchy and the bites of the other night are killing me right now.

Did anybody see Brendan Kelly from the Lawrence Arms on the Daily Show last night? It was funny, funny, funny. He's a funny boy that Brendan Kelly.

I wanted to see a show at the Bottom of the Hill last night, but also wanted to see Brendan. Brendan was done at 11:10 PM and then I headed over to the show. Got there at 11:30 and the show was over. ARGGHH!!

It was Marritime which is Davey Von Bolen from the Promise Rings new band. Oh well. Next time I guess. At least I got to see hima nd say hello. He's a funny guy and loves basketball so I like him.

I'm heading up to SF again tonight to hang out with my friend Monica and hopefully eat better food. Wish me luck.

Peace always, Mike Park