June 23, 2004
12:51 PM

I need a couple favors.

Favor #1-If you live in the Baltimore, Md. are and can pick me up from the airport. I need a ride on Sunday, August 15th from the airport to a club called the Ottobar. Can anyone give me a ride? It will be around 5 PM. I'll smile big and put you on the guest list for the show that night if you can help out.

Favor #2-I need the same favor on Thursday, August 26th, but need to be picked up in San Diego at the airport and taken to a club called the Casbah. Can anyone hook me up. I'll be coming in late afternoon around 4 PM.

That would be very nice if anyone can help out or if you know somebody in either city that you think would be nice enough to pick me up then that would be fantastic. I appreciate it very much.

I saw the new Harry Potter movie last night and I thought it rocked. I love Harry Potter and I'm not ashamed to say so. I snuck in a burrito to eat in the theater, but spilt hot sauce on myself cause it was so dark I couldn't see so well.

Oh boy, I've got to get going....I'll write more tomorrow. Smile big and enjoy the summer breeze.

Peace, mike park