September 21, 2003
1:15 pm

Hey everyone. Sorry that this is so late today, but I couldnít get to a computer any earlier. The wedding was very fun. It was outside at Abbyís parents house. It was really neat to see Brendan, who Iíve known for nine years, all grown up and getting married. I danced so hard at the reception and there were times when I was the only one dancing! But, I didnít care; I was just having fun. I got to see a lot of people drink a lot of alcohol and hang out and talk to people who I hadnít seen in a little while, which was fun. Then, after the wedding, Neil and I went back to the hotel, ordered some pizza, and hung out. Today Iím just saying goodbye and getting ready to fly back home to San Jos√©. I have to get ready for work tomorrow and really try to be productive. Iím not always so good at that. I hope you had a great weekend!! Tell someone how much you really care about him or her today.

Peace Always,
Mike Park