June 22, 2004
10:56 AM

On my drive to work today I suddenly had gushing pains due to the fact that....hmmm...how do I say this mildly. I had to poo. I thought for sure I wasn't going to make it, but I did. Good for me.

Yesterday, after work I went home and rode my bike randomly through the streets of San Jose. My back was killing me, but I treked forward.

I shot up towards the higher number streets and just took a right turn and kept riding and riding. Next thing I knew it was getting dark and I was getting cold and was at least an hour from home, so I picked up the pace.

I was a bit lost at this time. Well not lost, but I was curious if there was a quicker way home. I saw a sign that said Municipal Stadium.

I knew where that was so I took a right turn to head that direction. The San Jose Giants play there. Why hadn't I gone to any games this year?

Hmmm... As I got closer to the stadium I saw the lights on and knew there must be a game tonight. I rode to the stadium and tried to peak through the fence, but the view wasn't so good. It was near the end of the game.

If it was earlier I would have gone in. There's another game tonight, so maybe tonight. The last of my ride was in the dark and I made my way to Albertsons to buy some juice and pizza. Also, I wanted to try out my new basket on my bike.

Everything I bought was on sale. 2 for 1 on the Juice, Pizza, Yogurt, and cereal. I'm still getting used to the basket. You need to hold on tight or that bike goes out of control. Had a hard time sleeping last night. Perhaps because the heat, perhaps it was my bike.

Nonetheless I finally crashed out at around 2 AM and got a good 7 hours in, so I'm feeling pretty good. Ready to rock!! Have a good day y'all.

Peace, mike park