June 21, 2004
10:32 AM

Oh boy...If you don't write everyday, things just pile up on you and now I just don't know where to start writing. Back..back..back...rewind to Friday. Went to San Francisco in the evening too see this amazing band called THE TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA.

Though they've been a band for nearly 20 years, it was their first time to San Francisco. Tickets were friggin $25 each, but I got on the guest list because I am #1.

I went with Miya and Monica. We stopped in the Mission to get burritos beforehand and it was as yummy as always. The green sauce was spicier that usual and my mouth was on fire. But thankfully my horchata was at my side to cool down the fire.

We hurried off for the show as my friend Chris Murray was opening. The place was called the Independent. I've been there before, but it keeps changing its name. Before it was the Justice League and before that the Kennel Club.

Went up to the box office to get my tickets and they gave me 3, plus wrist bands, plus 3 small tickets. I asked the doorman what each one was for. One set was for admission, the wrist bands were for backstage, and the small tickets were for free drinks. Free drinks? Are you kidding me?

It's nice enough to get in free, but to give me free drinks....?? You've got to be kidding me. Anyways, we went in and Chris was on stage. It was the first time for me to see him with a band backing him. They sounded beautiful. The drummer sang harmonies and it brought out the life in his songs that I always felt were missing when he played solo.

At first glance at the crowd, I scratched my head saying "Geez..There are so many Japanese people here". I felt like half the crowd was from Japan. Miya mentioned the fact that she felt like we were in Japan at a show instead of SF. After Chris finished we used our free drink tickets and awaited TOKYO SKA to get on stage.

We planted ourselves in teh back of the club because my plan was to dance like crazy for the entire show. The music hit and my feet were moving.

Doing the 60's style rocksteady moves was fun fun fun... A girl who was dancing next to me came up to me and said "you can dance?" and I said "Thanks". And then she Monica standing next to me and I think she didn't want to come across as hitting on me and said to Monica "Your friend is a great dancer". Strange, but duh?? Of course I am. Just kidding.

The show finished and we made our way back to Monicas apartment. Miya drove us over to the show and dropped us off. I was sweaty and stinky from the dancing. I crashed at Monicas... ZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Woke up at 10 AM and went for Breakfast. Me and Monica went looking for Huevos Rancheros and went to Taqueria Cancun on 18th and Mission. $4.75 and a big plate of corn tortillas. Delicious. Went for a walk to digest the food and eventually came back to her apartment and took a long nap. It felt so nice with the window open blowing the cool SF air on my face. Dreamy.....

We eventually got up and walked to Tower Records. We saw an ad that if you buy the Damnwells record you get free tickets to Julianna Hatfield and since we were going to the show the next night we thought we'd take advantage of the deal.

On our walk we stopped at the grocery store and got a big quart of yogurt from I forgot the name of the company, but it's super yummy with cream on the top and maple syrup flavor.

Ummmm....ummmm... and then we stopped at got a veggie dog. Just one and shared it. It wasn't so good. It was $4 and that's a little steep for my blood. Tickets to Julianna Hatfield were $12 each and the CD was on sale for $10.99. We got the CD and the free tickets and the plan was to return the CD after the show, but Monica opened it.

She just spaced out. ARGHH!! The hope would be that they were good, but they weren't.


Sunday, I headed home for some time with my family. So I was drinving around way more than I had hopped for this weekend, but I also wanted to go to a bike sale at the 1st street bike shop I've been frequenting. I ended up buying 3 vintage Schwinn bikes from the 60's.

I want to have extra bikes for guests that come over. Instead of having to drive places, we can just ride bikes. It's best and cheapest form of entertainment. I'm pretty happy with my purchases. There was a beautiful tandem bike from the early 70's that cost $450.

I so badly wanted to buy it, but I didn't. Eventually we made it back up to SF in the evening, went for a long walk, ate more good food, went to Julianna Hatfield, and eventually drove home. I realized I don't anything about JH. I know two songs:SISTER and SPIN THE BOTTLE.

She only played sister, so I knew one song. I had seen her play about 7 years ago and thought she was beautiful. 7 years later, she's still pretty darn cute. Just thought you'd all like to know. I need to get back to work. Be well everyone.

Peace, mike park