June 18, 2004
12:55 PM

What an exciting weekend coming up. Tonight I'm heading to San Francisco to see the TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA. It's going to be an amazing show. I saw them in Japan a few years back and they just are amazing. I'll be dancing like I was in high school tonight.

It's at a 21+ venue and unfortunately the kids won't get to experience the genius of this band. Tomorrow night is the Giant Robot 10 year anniversary with the amazing SKYFLAKES playing live.

And Sunday is Juliana Hatfield. Do you know her? She's the best. Well, I'm the best, but she's a close second. She's such a beautiful girl. Hmmmm.... Actually she's a woman now. Hmmmm.. How old is she now? She's probably in her late 30's. I haven't seen her in about 7 or 8 years. Maybe she's not so cute anymore? I guess I'll wait and see.

Yesterday I left work at 4:30 PM and went for a walk near my apartment . Thursdays, near ST. James St. in the park they have free concerts, so I walked on down to watch.

I had no idea who was performing, but there were a couple tour busses so I knew it had to be somebody big. Lots of percussion was set up on stage and I asked somebody who was playing and they said it was Femi Kuti, the son of Fela Kuti the legendary Nigerian who spawned a new sound called Afrobeat.

Well, the set up took forever and I had to go pick up my bike, so I left and never got to hear the beat of the drums. Oh well. Walk, walk, walk=Fun, fun, fun.. I grabbed a weekly entertainment paper out of the newstand and read while I walked.

I remember thinking, I love living downtown and being able to just walk everywhere. After a few miles my feet were killing me. These new shoes were still stiff and paingful.. I sat for a bit and messaged my toes. I was almost at the bike shop, so I marched forward.

When I got there the door was locked. Ugghh.. But I knocked and people were there. Whheeeee....I didn't really describe this bike shop previously. It's unlike any other shop. It's basically a junk yard of bikes.

Thousands of bikes fill this huge yard and the owner has a workshop beside the yard. There's always a handful of people just hanging out sitting around drinking beer and just talking.

The place is in shambles. Grease fills every crack of the shop, but that's the charm. I would actually hang out there more and maybe I will. I like it. The vintage schwinn bikes are everywhere. It's amazing to see. I want all of them. I'm gonna buy another bike soon. I'm addicted.

By the way my bike wasn't done. He hadn't started on it. He said another hour and I asked if I could borrow another bike and just go for a ride. He said yes and I rode around town trying to see new things that perhaps I wasn't aware of. It was fun. When I got back he still hadn't started my bike, but he got right to it and it took about 40 more minutes for him to finish. It was cool. I had some good conversation with the others in the shop and just relaxed. It was worth the wait even though it was now past 9 PM. My bike was completely different at this point. It ran so well.... I was extremely excited and raced home faster than ever with my brand new basket. WOOHOO!!

Peace, mike park