June 17, 2004
10:47 AM

The grumbling in the tummy is almost gone, but there's still a few jumping jacks going on downsstairs. Took my bike to get fixed early yesterday evening. I had bought the bike nearly a year ago and originally the bike had tires that were ready to fall off and the gears didn't work, so they were going to fix it, but I was in a hurry and since the bike worked I told the guy I would just bring it back next week since I needed to get going, but next week turned into next year... ARGGHHH..

But fortunately he remembered me and honored the deal and is fixing my tires and gears. Woohoo for me.. I'm also getting a basket put on so I can buy groceries and other odds and ends. Walking home, my feet were killing me as I was wearing new shoes for the first time. So I stopped at and tried to bend them into shape. I ended up unlacing my shoes and just walking with them dangling loosely.

On my walk home I decided to trek through the San Jose St. campus as it's a direct shot and perhaps I could do some people watching. As I got closer to campus I noticed a ton of foot traffic and auto traffic meaning there was some big concert going on in the event center there. I can usually figure out what kind of music is happening depending on the types of people. If it's a metallica, there's a lot of Metal shirts and baggy pants or something like that. If it's Good Charlotte, it's Hot Topic garb and lots of kids wearing eye make up. But I couldn't figure it out. There were people of all sizes and shapes and ages and colors and ????????????? Who the hell was performing. I got up to the event center to see and lo and behold it's Dave Chappelle. SOLD OUT! Damn, this guy is a huge star. That's like 8,000 people at $40 each. Damn, damn, damn.

People watching was extremely fun for me. I stood right in the path of foot traffic coming from two directions. I stayed for almost an hour wondering how amazing the power of having a hit show can be. Mr. Chappelle has always been talented, but it took the hit tv show for the masses to see the power he has. Interesting.... Anyways, maybe I should get a hit tv show. Yeah right.. I'm neither talented enough nor ....ummm...talented enough. HA! Be well everyone.

Peace, Mike Park