June 16, 2004
10:38 AM

My stomach is still playing tricks on me, but for the most part I'm doing much better. I forced myself to throw-up mid afternoon yesterday and then followed it up with a 4 hour nap. I felt pretty defeated when I woke up and then watched the end of the Lakers/Pistons game. With no emotional attachments to either team I just kind of zoned out whilst watching the Pistons win the NBA championship.

A friend was having a party in Santa Cruz. It was a celebration for Matt Knobbe who just completed a 585 mile ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles for the AIDS ride. We're all very proud of him and wanted to give him a proper party to celebrate his accomplishment. But due to my stomach problems I had pretty much slashed any ideas of driving over hwy 17 to take part, but at around 9 PM I just realized that I am gonna be wide awake for a long, long time and didn't want to do any work, so I headed towards the CRUZ.

The party was at P st. and there were bands playing, so I walked into a band from St. Louis playing some Weezerish type of rock. They were good, but I can't remember their name. After they were done playing I turned around to see Bridgett standing there. It was the first time for me to see her in 5 months. Wow.. It was strange to see her. Someone who was so important in my life for the 3 years and then to be gone....And then there she was.

We talked for a bit and caught up with each other in terms of what was going on in our lives. She seems to be doing good and that's the most important thing. I left the party and went over a friends house across the street where I own a bike that I leave there. I wanted to go for a ride, so I started down the street when my bike tire popped. UGGHH!! I walked it back and then borrowed another bike and rode downtown to see a friend.

Went for a walk/talked and then rode back, got in my car and drove home. Got back at around 2 AM, ate some yogurt as I heard the live cultures are good for your tummy. And that was it... Fortunately I fell asleep right away ZZZZZZZZZ

Peace, mike park