June 15, 2004
9:51 AM

I don't feel so good. I've got indegestion or something. My tummy hurts and I'm just not in the right groove or something of the sort. Kind of nautious/nauseas?(how the heck do you spell it?) too. Hmmm.... I'm guessing it's because I ate real late last night. Around midnight I ate some spaghetti and that's what I attribute this pain towards. Hmmmm...

I'm drinking green tea hoping that it will combat the pains and make me feel whole again. We'll see I guess. Last night I rode my bike to the YMCA. The weather was perfect and it was the first time I've got on my bike since before I left for tour. My tires are peeling off, but it's still working. Perhaps tomorrow I'll take it in to get fixed.

Argghhhh... I'm keeling over right now in pain. I'm gonna go. Be well. At least be better than I am right now.

Peace, mike park