June 14, 2004
2:01 PM

The day is flying by due to the fact that I've been working extremely hard and therefore time flies when you're having fun? Hmmm... I had an amazing time this weekend, but was sad to say goodbye to both Gerry and Hiro as the reality of tour being completely over hit me last night when I dropped off Hiro in San Francisco as he heads back to Japan.

Friday I went to see the A's play and the surreal comfort of the old Oakland coliseum is something that I will never take for granted. Even though the team is in first place they never sell out games and therefore it's quite roomy and relaxing. The sun doesn't set until nearly 9 PM, so the Berkeley hills become quite a beautiful sight from the last row of the third deck of the Oakland Coliseum.

Again, the A's won making it over 2 years of them winning when I am in attendance. That's included some close calls, but nonetheless I know that I bring them good luck. I just know it. Anyways, Monica hung out the entire weekend and with her, myself, and Hiro hanging out I knew it would be a good time. We decided to go for a long walk on Saturday. Starting at noon after dropping off Gerry at the San Jose airport we just started walking. We walked over 11 miles total getting back home at nearly 7 PM. We ended up walking to the mall so that Hiro could buy some shoes, but he didn't find what he was looking for.

The legs were tired. The "dogs were barking" as Hiro puts it, so we actully hopped on a bus for the end of the trip. We returned to my attic apartment to see a huge birthday going on for the owners of the home. They are Peruvian and the whole family was in attendance. A good fifty people were drinking, dancing, and celebrating the 1st birthday of one of the men who live there. Damn, I don't know names.

But it was great. We have to walk through the backyard to get to my apartment, so we had to go through the party and people were so drunk that they just forced us to join. Giving us food and cake and beer. And grabbing us to dance. Which of course I love to do, so I joined right in. Hiro was a bit shy and Monica was ready to run away, but I led the congo line and it was really neat.

We had plans to go out for Korean Food, but since we were getting hooked up with free grub, we just stayed. A bit later, Monica's roomate called and notified Monica that she was in San Jose at another Birthday, so we went over there at around 10 PM. Lucky us, the food was insane!!! The BBQ was rocking and nobody was eating, so me and Hiro went crazy. Ok, I'm gonna come straight out and say that I am definitely not a vegeterian any more. Though the values are still strong in my heart I can't be a hypocrite any longer. I ate lots of meat this weekend and I just need to acknowledge this fact. ARGGHH!! Well, I need to get back to work, but I will try my best to keep writing everyday. Wish me luck.

Peace, mike park