June 11, 2004
11:31 AM

Yes, I'm back home shuffling through the mounds of paperwork that has grown over the last few months. One step at a time I keep telling myself. One step at a time. I'm gonna get all this work done by next week. No problem!!

My last flight from Denver was on a tiny 80 passenger plane and the turbulance out of Denver was shaky, shaky, shaky. My heart was pounding pretty hard, but the little plane made it and I'm alive and kicking. WOOHOOO!! I'm gonna try to get out of here in 3 hours time. I'm heading to Oakland to watch the A's play.

Can't wait to relax in the stands of a baseball stadium. AHHHH.... That sounds so good to me. Does it sound good to you? Hmmmm... By the way, if you live in the bay area and ever want to come along to any of the A's games, just get in touch. Or even if you're from out of town and would like to come to a game...If I'm in town, most likely I will go.

I've already experienced my moms cooking twice. Last night and this morning. Korean food was sorely missed by me and I got the works. Kimchee, Ganip, Shigumchi, etc.. Unless you're Korean, you have no idea what I'm talking about, but yes...I'm a happy boy..

I better get back to work here. Please have a good weekend and smile big.

peace, mike park