June 09, 2004
1:30 PM

It's the last day of tour and I'm really, really, really appreciative of everything this tour has meant to me and to others, but I'm very excited to get home. I'll be flying out of Dallas tomorrow at 2:35 PM, arriving back to San Jose, California at 7:15 PM.

Poor Gerry and Hiro....They will be driving the van back and even poorer Gerry as he has to fly back to St. Louis by Saturday, meaning he needs to drive from Dallas to San Jose California in 2 days. YIKES!! Then he has one day off before he flies to Russia to start touring with his band MU330. Super YIKES!!

Yesterday we were in Houston. Actually, I'm still in Houston traversing towards the I-45 to head to Dallas. Houston is very hot, humid, sticky, etc.. It was like I was constantly dripping wet the entire time I wasn't in an air conditioned environment. We played at a place called the Engine Room. It was a packed club and I felt for the most part that I played pretty darn well. Texas is a beautiful state, politics aside. But in terms of trying to push liberal politics on their Republican state....well, we're talking a different game. I felt the apathy during my performance and during Saul Williams set the crowd was extremely talkative and disrespectful in my eyes and ears. It made my blood boil. It's just hard for me to imagine how you couldn't be captivated by what he has to say. It's mind blowing to hear him speak on a nightly basis. It will be something that I will surely miss.

After I performed, I took a walk around downtown Houston. I love to walk and experience new territory. I'm never really fearful of bad neighborhoods as I feel like I'm pretty respectful of people and their areas and if an altercation did occur I would just run like mad. I tried calling Monica on my walk, but she was out to dinner with some friends. I'm not a big phone talker. I like the one on one conversations. Usually my conversations are pretty short on the phone. Get to the point and then get off. I wonder what Monica thinks of that? I hope she's doesn't mind.

Back to the club I went to check in on voter registration and to talk to kids who wanted to talk. There's always a number of really amazing kids who make my spirits rise. It's exciting to experience the positive youth whom you feel can take the next generation to a higher level of integrity. Ya know what I'm saying? Hmmmm.... Well, I'm losing my train of thought here, so that means it's time to stop writing. Be well and smile big.

Peace, Mike Park