June 08, 2004
12:28 PM

Thunderous rain has met our arrival in Texas. Austin was the recepient of tons of downpour and tons of people. Over 800 people on a Monday night in storm like weather makes for lots of fun. People in Austin are super energetic and exciting. Even though it was a Monday, the show didn't even start til' 9:40 PM(My set) and Cursive didn't finish playing their last note until 1:52 AM. Yikes! But the crowd was still rocking as hard the entire time.

I need to mention that we played outside. The stage and most of the audience is covered with hardware store roofing that looks like it was put up by the bartenders or something. Nonetheless there were lots of wet people, but it didn't seem to bother anyone. People were sporting smiles and kind of embracing the rain. That's pretty neat to see. You see rain in California and people are like "Damn, it's raining! I better stay in tonight..."

Finally a good show for me. I felt a warm reaction from the crowd and thought I played pretty well for the most part. I had a hard time seeing due to the lights. It made my guitar playing even worse than it usually is. I kept hitting the wrong frets on parts of songs. Persperation was another problem. It was rolling off the tip of my nose. You realize, I never really sweat when I play acoustic. How can I ? I barely move, but last night I was completely soaked due to the humidity. Kind of neat/kind of annoying.

I really like Austin. Great city, with a lot of energy. Liberal views seem to be the norm, which in Texas is pretty amazing. Lots of great restaurants, beautiful women, and tons of shows happening. Last night Gerry was trying very hard to hit on the two girl volunteers that came to the show to register voters. Plus he had his daily dose of liquor. Perhaps more than normal, but nonetheless he's a drinker and last night was no different. He kept mumbling to everyone how beautiful these two girls were. Sure they were cute, but they were like 19 years old and Gerry is 40. YIKES!! But I didn't want to burst his bubble, so I kept encouraging him to go for it. I told him to invite them out for some drinks. And he did, that's when we found out they were under 21 because they said were to young to drink. HA HA

So here I am in the van again, just minutes into our drive to Houston. I'm a bit frazzled right now because Gerry took so long getting up this morning that we're already way behind schedule. We were going to stop and eat at the Tamale Factory #3, but the traffic is so bad that we're bypassing the grub to get the vehicle moving. Wish us luck on our drive as there's a random guy just walking in the middle of the freeway for some reason?? Hmmmm......

Peace to y'all, Mike Park