June 07, 2004
11:30 AM

It's 11:35 AM and we're heading east on I-10 towards Austin. We've got exactly 380 miles to go. Gerry is driving about 78 miles per hour, so hopefully we can make good time and get there by 5 PM. Yesterday was such a relaxing time. All performers stayed at a hotel called the ATRIUM.

It was a beautiful place in FT. STOCKTON, TX. that had an atrium inside that included a pool, jacuzzi, and sauna. So we're completely surrounded by these beautiful plants relaxing in a gazebo which housed the jacuzzi. On yesterdays drive we experienced something that will probably never ever happen to us again. A crow was flying overhead with some carcass in mouth when he dropped it. BAM! It hit squarely on our front grill. We were all like wowza, what the hell just happened?

Well, a few hours later we stopped at a rest stop and I started running towards the rest rooms when HIRO let's out a huge scream followed by Gerry and Saul going DAMN! So I turn back(though I had use the toilet pretty bad) and the carcass(turns out to be a rabbit) that the bird dropped landed right in our grill and was jammed in there. Pretty disgusting, amazing, sad, crazy, and freakish all at the same time. Gerry was the only one brave enough to tear it out. The rest of us were hot stepping about in disgust.

Later in the drive we hit a bird called a Grey Heron. It's a huge bird that looks like a pelican. It was so slow motion. It just flew from the side and bam it hit our side window. I couldn't believe it. Me and Gerry just kind of looked at each other and wondered what the heck was going on. Were we on a highway to hell? Perhaps because we were just in Roswell, NM experiencing UFO/Extraterrestrial souveniers. Hmmmmm??

Me and Hiro went for a huge walk yesterday in FT. STOCKTON. Not on purpose as we got lost somehow?? THere's not much to this town. It's pretty desolate. Just a straight walk on the highway and you pretty much hit everything the town has to offer. We walked by two grocery stores, two dollar stores, a ton of fast food restaurants, and finally settled on a family style Mexican restaurant. We noticed a lot of people eating in there and that was a good enough sign to say that it had to be good. And it was so good. Super great price and the portions. GEEZ!!

Everybody around us didn't finish their meals. I wanted to finish it for them. Of course we finished our grub. Hiro got a combo plate that included chile raleno, taco, tamale, and an enchilada surrounded by refried beans and Spanish Rice. I got Shrimp Tacos. They were killer dude. Plus two baskets of tortilla chips and we were as full as you can possibly get without explosion. Then we got lost on our walk back to the hotel. But that was probably a blessing as it helped us digest properly.

We then went for a swim, jacuzzi, and sauna session. After a shower, it was already midnight. Time surely flew by and I headed down to the other rooms to see what was going on. Saw Gretta and Ted from Cursive with their drapes open watching a movie. Stopped for a quick chat and asked where the party room was. "105" they said, so I headed over there. There was Gerry, Clint, Mikey, Dan, Tim, and Matt. They were playing drinking games and had polished off over 100 beers between the 6 of them.

I then headed over to room 115 where most of Planes Mistaken for Stars were hanging out. They are sweet guys. They were watching a movie on HBO called Sleepers. I got caught up in the movie for about 20 minutes, made myself a peanut butter jelly sandwhich(WHY? I wasn't hungry) and then went back to 105. Checked to see how drunk Gerry was. He had polished off over 25 beers by himself, but was still under control. That my friends is amazing. I would be dead. I then headed back to my room and watched the rest of Sleepers and then was getting ready for bed when the next movie on HBO was announced and it was MONSTERS BALL. Oh.... I like that movie and endedup watching it until past 4 PM. And here I am passing mile marker 321 on the I-10. Hmmmmm.... Lots more driving to do. Argghh...

Peace always, Mike Park