June 05, 2004
9:23 AM

We awoke at 6:20 AM. In Rock N' Roll time that's friggin early. Screw rock n' roll, in any time that's friggin early. Saul Williams has a book signing in Albuquerque at 4 PM, so we need to get there fast like....... ZOOOOOOMMMMMM......

It's 488 miles total travel today. We have tomorrow off as a drive day to Austin, TX. and I'm thinking about just staying in Albuquerque tomorrow and flying to Austin. Jet setter eh? Nah.. I just have tons of free tickets from Southwest. I charge everything on my Southwest credit card. All business expenses for Asian Man Records are done on the card, hence tons of free tickets. Usually 7 a year. I used to sell them on EBAY, but now they changed the way they issue tickets. Oh well.

Last night was Tucson and it was an extremely tough crowd. I thought it was just me, but everyone said the same thing. Planes Mistaken For Stars, Saul WIlliams, and Cursive all said that the crowd felt like they were asleep. Arggghhh.. What an awful feeling. Cursive plays a 6 song encore, but they just stopped after 3 and said "Screw it! let's get off the stage". Argghhhh... Come to think of it, this was the most apathetic crowd we've played for on tour. The promoter was a guy named Steve Eye whom I met back in 1995. He's a nice enough guy, but he lost money doing the show and asked if I could take a paycut. Being the nice guy, I said sure and took $50. Booooo.... I hate this shit. Why did he do the show? Argghhh.. Oh well. Enough negativity on my end.

Ok, we tried to make enchiladas on the engine of our van while we drove from Phoenix to Tucson. Unfortunately it didn't work. The food was still cold, so we placed it on top of our van for 2 hours while we were parked. The temperature was 105, so hopefully this would help. We unwrapped the foil, but the enchiladas were still not done. But we ate them anyways. And they were good, just not the bubbling hot and yummy enchiladas we were hoping for. I feel pretty worn out right now. If you can picture this...I'm sitting shotgun with my eyes half closed, kind of grimacing with a slight pain in my tummy from eating greasy hashbrowns for breakfast. I wish I could appreciate the beautiful scenery, but the desert is a bit boring to me. I look up every few minutes and ya know what? It's still a desert.

Well, only 300 miles left to go, so I've got lots more of nothing to do. Argghhhh........

Peace, mike park