June 04, 2004
11:54 AM

Hello friends..... It's day #2 in the hot desert. We're headed east on I-10 on our way to Tucson. Last night we played at the Marquee Theater in Tempe. There were 637 people paid last night. More than we thought. Just 2 days ago there were only 187 tickets sold, but we had 400 people buy tickets the day of the show. Woohoo. I thought I played pretty well last night, but was told that there were a bunch of kids throwing stuff at me. That's nice to hear. I guess they weren't ready to hear acoustic music/politics/mild humor from a china man. But since I close my eyes for most of the set, I couldn't tell things were being thrown my way. YAY!!!! for closed eyes.

We stayed at a hotel called the Homestead Suites. They have a full kitchen in the suite, so we went to the grocery store after the show to cook some food since we had this golden opportunity. I don't know what we were thinking, but we bought way to much food. Beans, tortillas, cheese, and a pre frozen cheese enchilada feast for a family of 6. We ate about 10% of what we bought and then went to sleep. Woke up in the morning, got ready to leave and realized we have all this food, but no fridge or kitchen to cook it in once we get to Tucson. Well, we had heard about people cooking food on their engine, so that's what we are doing. We threw cheese and beans on top of the frozen enchiladas ad wrapped it in 25 ft of aluminum foil and it's cooking right now. Oh boy..... I think I can smell it cooking.. Mmmmm... I wonder how it comes out. We'll see in about an hour.

Tomorrow is a 500 mile drive to Albuquerque, NM. I hate long drives and I'm already thinking about it now. ARGHHH!!!!
Wish me luck on that one and on the food being cooked on our engine.

Peace, Mike Park