June 03, 2004
1:18 PM

I'm heading south on 93 towards Phoenix. It's sweltering hot today with temperatures blasting over 100. Our engine light keeps popping up. It's worrying us, so we keep turning off the air conditioning just to make sure we don't over heat. Last night we played the House of Blues in Las Vegas. It's located in a fancy shmancy hotel called Mandalay Bay. I got a free room at the hotel for playing and it was by far the nicest hotel room I have ever stayed in. It was on the top floor(34) and it was huge and beautiful with an amazing view of the pools. The bed was perhaps the most comfortable experience in my sleeping history.

Trying to soak up so much excitement in very little time is extremely difficult, but nonetheless it made for good times and lasting memories. The hotel has about 5 pools including a wave pool, lazy river, and just your plain old fashion swimming pools. Me and Hiro even went into the jacuzzi though it was over 100 degrees out. It was more of a test to see how long we could last. I definitely outlasted Hiro, staying in for over 5 minutes.

As for the show, it was ok. I didn't get the best reception, but that's ok. I still had fun. I had a better time playing saxaphone with Cursive for 2 songs than I did for my solo set. Every so often Cursive does a beer challenge for their encore where they play some sampled music and everyone comes up and slams a beer. We did it this time, but instead of beer, it was whiskey and I took a shot that got me a bit typsy. During the encore I was rocking out and just lost my balance and fell down. Pretty silly eh? Oh well. I was not hurt(and nobody else) and that's all that matters.

After the show, me and Hiro walked down to the other side of the strip. That's 4.8 miles. We did it in just over an hour, which means we were flying down the strip. But we were extremely tired and couldn't make it back so we took a taxi. $12 for the taxi, which is a bit expensive for me, but ya know it was worth it. Saw some of the Cursive camp still up and drinking when we got back to the hotel, but I had to go sleep.. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Peace, mike park