June 01, 2004
12:10 PM

11 hours later and we're just a short 40 miles away from Vegas. A good nights sleep has my body, mind, and soul feeling a bit better, but I'm still feeling a bit funky. But much better than last night. We're going to stay at Harrahs and eat at the buffets. I've been looking forward to this for quite some time and now I'm friggin under the weather.

I've been drinking tons of water in hopes of flushing my system of all toxins, but I have to pee so bad right now. Gerry doesn't like it when I pee in the water bottles, so I try not to. But I think I'm going to do it right now. Hold on one second.... AHhhh... success. Nobody even knew I just urinated. Usually it's an easy task, but sometimes the road is a bit bumpy and I end up peeing on myself. That's not so fun, but anyways.....

The first casinos are popping up as the american dream of capitalistic gain is all here in Vegas. Visions of hitting the big jackpot and scantily clad women serving you drinks all night long are what most of the people who visit Vegas dream of. But for me it's the surreal atmosphere of being in a giant disneyland and being able to walk around for hours upon hours seeing people of all shapes and sizes trotting up and down the strip with legal cocktail in hand. I love people watching and Vegas is tops for this event.

We're all getting pretty hungry as my stomach is growling for food. Wish us luck in our glutonous adventures.

Peace always, Mike Park