June 01, 2004
1:07 AM

We are currently traveling northeast on HWY 15 towards Barstow, California. It's the half way point for Las Vegas. Tomorrow is a day off and we will spend it in Vegas. WOOHOO!! I'm feeling a bit sick right now. Kind of nauseous(Did I spell it right?). I hope I didn't eat something bad today. Argghhh.. I have a sensitive stomach and am prone to food poisoning. Hmmmm.... I am hoping for the best. We'll see I guess. I'll know in a few hours, so perhaps my next entry will include details of me throwing up all through the night.

We left San Diego about an hour ago. A pretty good show. I thought I played decently and my nervousness was under control. I didn't hang out too much during the show. I stayed back stage for most of the show and caught up on email. I did get a care package from a girl named Erika. That was nice and she asked if I would wish an early happy birthday to her friend Jolene. I wrote it on my hand so I wouldn't forget.

We played at a club called SOMA. I had played the old SOMA in the mid to early 90's. The same man who ran the club was there and it was neat to see him and remember his story telling and it was like time had stood still and here I was talking to him like we had never missed a beat. Make sense? Hmmmm... And the promoter of the show was a guy named Tim Mays who runs the Casbah. I played the Casbah in 1990. So it was more memory lane dialogue with him and mmmmm...yeah..

I've been playing saxaphone with Cursive for their encore. Along with Gerry Lundquist on trombone, we have reunited our horn playing days of years past. It's actually been quite fun playing these songs with Cursive. I haven't played my saxaphone at all recently, so it's nice to play again. These last 5 days have been spent with Monica. She flew down to hang out and I've really had a good time with her. It's really strengthened my thoughts in terms of being with her. She's a cool girl and I'm more than excited to be with her.

Peace always, Mike Park