May 27, 2004
5:02 PM

Howzit? I'm in the big red van traveling from my hotel in LA to the club. Though it's only 9 miles away from the club, I am estimating an hour travel time. That's LA for you. We're staying at the MARRIOTT in downtown LA. My friend Dennis works at the Marriott in Kuai and hooked me up with a room for $49 a night. Normal price is like $150. WOOHOO!

The Lakers have a playoff game tonight and there's lots of people at the hotel wearing Lakers gear around the hotel. LA is an interesting place. You see, there's some amazing things here, but I think for the most part I'm not in love with this city. The best thing about LA are the restaurants. Tons of amazing food to be eaten. Last night we went to PINKS. It's a famous hot dog stand that is on the documentary Hot Dog Program that we watched on the 3rd day of tour. So far, we've hit up 4 different places on this tour and PINKS came in 2nd place in terms of quality. We got there at 1:30 AM and there was still a huge line. Basically, the place was greasy and yummy. Lots of chili and cheese and again more grease. I think we all felt quite disgusted this morning, but in a good way.

Our early tour mate Stephane flew out to the west coast to join us for the Cali dates, so we had the original 4 members rocking out together all through the night. Last nights show was the 1st of three at the Troubadour in LA. I had played there a few months back opening up for Against Me and had met a woman named Alicia who was the bartender. To say she's cute is an understatement. She is beautiful. The first person that I saw when I walked into the club was her and she instantly said "Hi Mike, I'm so excited that you are back". Wow.. She remembered me. Anyways, small chit chat through the night and constant smiles from her was melting me. Near the end of the night, I told her she was beautiful and asked her "If I wasn't in a relationship would you go out with me?" and she said "In a second"..

Well, I had to call Monica right away to get my mind back on track. Unfortunately she was asleep, so I just left a message. But I talked to her this morning and told her about the bartender. I'm trying to make sure she knows where my mind is at all times, so as not to hide anything from her. Is this the smart thing to do? I'm not quite sure, but it's something that I feel is important. Monica is flying down to LA tonight for the next few days. It's gonna be nice to hang out with her. Looking forward to walking lots and lots. Man... I'm getting a bit sleepy as I write this, so I'm going to end things now. Be well.

Peace, mike park