May 20, 2004
3:46 PM

Jack and Grill in Denver, Colorado has a burritto that weighs 5 pounds and is disgusting. Yet, the folks at Suburban Home Records went there for lunch as a going away gathering for one of their employees named Heather. The comedic tone of the day was to go for the "Challenge" as they call this enormous burrito. And me being one to never ever back down from a challenge...WENT FOR IT!

Along with 3 other brave souls, I tackled the challenge. When it arrived, I knew I was in for a difficult task. It was a breakfast burrito stuffed with potatoes, cheese, eggs, beans, rice, salsa, topped with green chile and ya know what? had no flavor. The key ingredient was the potatoes. There were so many friggin potatoes. The potatoes were like eating mush.. No taste, just substance that filled the gut and made me feel horrible.

I'd say I conquered nearly 68% of my burrito. But that didn't get my picture on the wall of fame. Or perhaps the wall of shame is a better word to describe those who made it up. THough, we were told a 16 year old girl of only 100 pounds did it. Hmmmm... Well, out of the 4 of us, one conquered the task. His name...JOSIAH. Others who attempted were Naomi(tiny girl) and Joey. We all complained that the burrito had no flavor and that was a key to the failure.

Last night, a bunch of us went out to see a movie. Somehow we picked TROY as the movie of choice. Why Troy? I have no idea, but it was long and bad. So bad. The only saving grace is that we got to see part of Brad Pitts butt and hear the women(and some men) at the movie groan in ecstasy.

Tonight, we're going to a Cuban restaurant. Just what I need....more food. Hopefully we can go dancing tonight and I can work off some more of this burrito. Wish me luck.

Peace, mike park