May 19, 2004
12:40 PM

Wow...That's really all I can say..WOW! This is to describe the feeling of last nights magical show in Denver. Such diversity with the talent and the crowd. That was the most ethnically diverse audience I've ever seen at a Plea For Peace show. And a good diverse age group. Teens, college kids, young adults, older adults, and even some peeps who could be grand parents.. woohoo.....

I attribute this to the great Saul Williams and his amazing presence putting everyone in great spirits as he brought down the house last night. It's something that will push me and my talents to try to match his(Though I know I cannot)intensity. Having someone who can make me think for a change and inspire my actions cannot be measured... I can just blab and blab and blab to get my point across.

More about the show... My nervousness was still there for sure, but I was pretty happy with my performance. I sold 20 cd's and many people smiled big and shook my hand.. I got a nice hug from a cute girl just because.. That's fun.

After the show a bunch of us went to a bar called the Snakepit and danced for the next hour. We saw Tim Kasher from Cursive on the dance floor. He looked super drunk. I danced with him and said "Did anyone else come here with you?" and he said "No, I just came down by myself". Genius man Tim is.. Within the first five minutes of dancing, I made eye contact with two girls across the dance floor and next thing you know they come up to me and introduce themselves and we dance for a few songs.. At this point, I'm freaking out because they're both really cute, but since I am in a committed relationship I could only smile big and dance dance dance. After a few more songs they said, it was nice meeting you and they left... Wheeeee... That was weird.. But fun too..

Well, I'm gonna get some lunch right now with some friends.. I'm in Denver for the next two days.. Should be fun..

Peace always, Mike Park