September 20, 2003
8:31 AM

Well, the computer just crashed and I lost everything Iíd written, so this will be short. Anyway, Iím in Colorado for Brendan and Abbyís wedding and I canít wait to go there and dance tonight. Right now, Iím in the hotel using a computer that I donít know if I should even be using anyway. HowzitÖ Ok, hereís my trip so far: I flew over here on Frontier Airlines and they give each person their own satellite TV. Woohoo!!! When I got into the city, I met my friend Chris Baker and we went to Thai food, which was sooo good and I ate so much. I like to eat. After that I met my friend Peter and we hung out for a while until he had to go to the rehearsal dinner. I waited for a while but I couldnít find anyone to hang out with, so I went back to the hotel. I didnít know what to do, so I decided to eat again. I ordered an X-Large pizza and ate almost all of it. You should eat a lot too! Itís fun. Well, Iím gonna go find a smoothie, so Iíll write more later. Have a beautiful day and be kind to everyone you see.

Peace Always,
Mike Park