May 14, 2004
3:37 PM

I'm at Asian Man Records buried under a mass of work that has me spinning right round baby right round like a record baby right round..round round. But it's actually not that bad. I just have to be dilligent these next couple days. Wish me luck...

I'm currently wearing sandals from 8th grade that are 2 sizes to small and a t-shirt that is also about 2 sizes to small. Why am I wearing this you ask?? I have no idea. The sandals sit outside the garage door and I just slip them on when I traverse about the downstairs of asian man and the shirt was clean and I just put it on last night before bed. Hmmm... I look pretty attractive though. Add in a 5 o'clock shadow and damn...the ladies are howling.

Ate Korean food for lunch, compliments of my mom. In a bit, I'm gonna leave to ride my bike and then get ready to see my friend Monica. Not much to report other than the fact that I'm sitting here doing quite a bit of typing..... Be well. Have a good weekend. Smile big.

Peace always, Mike Park