May 13, 2004
2:55 PM

I'm sitting in the computer room of Clint from Cursives home. Well, not just his home, but the home he lives in with his wife Susan. She rules by the way. We just had a good ol' fashion midwestern cookout with potato salad and baked beans to boot. YUMM YUMM

Well, last night was amazing. 1,300 people in Omaha to support their hometown heroes Cursive. That's what I call amazing. The only downfall of it all is that I played horribly again. I was once again so nervous that I couldn't really play well. I ended up talking more than playing to compensate for my poor skills. I did manage to sell 18 cd's which was all I had on hand. That was neat to see and a lot of people were extremely nice and friendly with big smiles all around.

I'm flying home in a few hours. I'll arrive back in San Jose at 11 PM. After the show, there was a party at Clints house that lasted til' past 5 AM. I was so deliriously tired and to be honest still am tired, but damn those Omaha residents can go non stop. At 5 AM there were still at least 30 people going full throttle. I couldn't keep up with them and just sat motionless, eyes glazed with sleep deprivation.

There's a line to use this computer, so I better get off, but wanted to get a quick entry for today before I leave Omaha. Be well everyone.

Peace and smiles, Mike Park