May 12, 2004
12:32 PM

We just went to RUNZA HUT in Lawrence, KS. Gerry is a big fan of the RUNZA, which is like a peroshki......I think??...Hmmmm... I didn't get one because I ate like a horse at the free morning breakfast at the Hampton Inn. Instead I went across the street to Walgreens to look for a toiletry bag. While waiting to cross the street a car took a right turn, hit a puddle and the muddy water flew up and hit me and Hiro. It was like a scene in a movie. I only got a little on my pants(black pants), which wasn't so bad, but Hiro got hit pretty hard. HA HA

Tonight we are heading to Omaha. It's gonna be fun to see the home town for the Cursive crew and their label Saddle Creek. It's a pretty amazing thing they've got going and I'm excited to see it in effect. Last night we played a nice place in Lawrence called Liberty Hall. I don't know what the deal was, but I just played so poorly. I was extremely nervous for no particular reason. It's such a strange occurance that I can't explain. I've been happy with my performances, but every so often I just lose my concentration or something. Nervousness sets in and it causes all kinds of trouble for me. ARGGHHHH!!! What to do?? As I've probably stated in the past, it's something that can get me real down and out, but I was able to persevere and keep my chin up through it all. Talked to some nice people who seemed genuine in saying they enjoyed my set, so perhaps I'm being a bit too hard on myself. Hmmm....

Anyways, this venue also doubles as an art theater and the idea of reclining in a theater was heaven to me. After I finished my horrible set, I just walked upstairs to the theater with a cold beer and just sunk down into my seat. The movie was Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It would be the 3rd time to see this movie. Seeing for the third time loses a lot of it's bite, but still it was just nice to see a friggin movie. It would have been nice to have seen something new, but I'm not complaining. I left a bit early to catch the end of Cursive. What a great band. I danced hard for the last few songs and I took my shirt and pants off for some comedic relief for a select few to see. The crowd couldn't see me as I was hidden by a curtain, but those on the side of the stage and the Cursive drummer Clint could see.

We packed up for the evening and headed back the the hotel where all the bands were staying. There was a pool and hot tub at the hotel and I quietly snuck down to use it even though it was closed. Ahhhh..... I got to soak in there for about ten to fifteen minutes before a security guard told me to get out!! Fell asleep at around 2:30 AM and got woken up on several ocassions.
#1-Gerry coming back to the room after drinking his mind out with Cursive in their room
#2-Gerry snoring as loud as humanly possible
#3-A phone call at 7:30 AM from the Denver Popst trying to get a hold of me for a last minute interview.

I tried going back to sleep, but just couldn't. So I got up and went and ate the fee breakfast at the hotel. There you go!! We just went full circle. Wooohoo. Be well.

Peace always, Mike Park