May 11, 2004
2:44 PM

FIrst off... I'm gonna comment on the fact that it's friggin May 11th. We're almost half way through this year. Are you kidding me? How the heck did this year go by so fast. It's 2004? Huh? When I was a child, I remember time standing still, but now it's flying by faster than ever. It's ridiculous. But that's cool... I guess.

I'm traveling on I-70 west towards Lawrence, KS.. Only two more shows with Darkest Hour and Decahedron. We've had a good time with these bands. Good people. We had a great show last night in St. Louis, Mo.. Hiro had never been to the arch before, so we walked over there. He's an overly excitable dude, so I wanted to be there to catch his impressions of the arch. We took some great photos and looked as touristy as you can possibly look. On our way back to the club from the arch, we helped two workers put a giant plant on a dolly and they said "Thanks...Enjoy your stay in the city". How did they know we weren't locals? Is it that obvious?

Earlier in the day we went to a vegan Hare Krishna restaurant called Govinda's. Saw some anarchist punks who had dreads and lots of canvas patches on their bags. The food was pretty grubbin. There was the most bizarre model of the evolution of life from the beginning to the end on display. Hard to explain, but it was mind blowing. We then headed to Ted Drews for some frozen custard. This was a treat for all of us. I got Heath Bar crunch and it was so good. Yummmmmmmm....

Well, we're pulling over to use the toilets, so I will end this. Be well everyone.

Peace, mike park