May 10, 2004
11:48 AM

I am sitting cross legged in the basement of Ted Moll(from MU330) and his wife heathers home of St. Louis, Mo.. We did a night drive after the show in Nashville. Poor Gerry....He drove the entire time. He's definitely a powerful man. We arrived at Teds at 6:19 AM. and in addition to the three hours of sleep in the van, I was able to get another four hours at Teds. So I should be pretty well rested. Yet, I feel extremely tired right now. Hmmmm...

Last night, we watched Wrong Turn on our drive. A horror movie, which actually scared me.(at least for the first 30 minutes) We stopped to get gas and then I switched seats with Hiro and took the back seat so I could hide and close my eyes at the scary parts. Eventually I fell asleep before the movie was up, so I was saved from being horrified properly.

Anyways, Nashville was a good time. Easily, the smallest turnout of the tour. About 250 people, but the energy was there and that's all that matters. I had a chance to talk to a lot of nice people at the show, including a quite stunning and beautiful half Japanese girl. She was so good looking I had to leave and call Monica to get my mind her off my mind.

Ted just got here, so I'm gonna get going. We're gonna get some food and ice cream.

Peace, Mike Park