May 08, 2004
10:17 AM

We are currently traversing on a toll road out of Orlando headed towards the 75, which will take us directly to Atlanta. It's friggin early. We got up at 8 AM and that meant very little sleep. Approximately 4 hours. My eyelids are heavy, but I want to write something before I take a nice little nap.

Last night was rough. I had my worst show of the tour. The crowd noise/banter over my playing was loud, loud, loud. A pack of girls to my left were having a nice private conversation throughout my set and unfortunately I let it get to me. Before the tour started I told myself not to get upset by things that were out of my control, but ya know....I'm not perfect damn it. As soon as I finished playing I packed up my guitar and left. I walked a half hour to the hotel, took off my clothes, and sat in my underwear listening to Woody Guthrie. I started to get hungry, so I ordered food to be delivered. Spaghetti and a salad. Two hours later my food finally arrived. The long wait got my anger started again, but the mass of spaghetti and garlic bread took over any displeasures I was feeling previously and I fell into a state of euphoria as I ate and ate while watching mindless TV.
(Quick update to what's going on right now! Currently we are going through a bit of road rage as there are people driving slow in the fast lane. Road rage is no fun. Ok, we just passed the slow cars. Everythings ok now)

I couldn't sleep so well last night as I lay alone in the dark wondering how the rest of the show went. At around 2:30 AM, Gerry and Hiro finally got back to the hotel and what a suprise...Gerry was drunk. Gerry likes to drink. He wears tighty whitey underwear and he dances around the hotel in his briefs. It's pretty amazing. It's like free entertainment. We finally fell asleep around 3:45 ish.... I don't quite remember. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Peace, Mike Park