May 05, 2004
5:07 PM

We have driven over 450 miles today. There's still over 100 miles to go until we hit our destination of Orlando, Florida. We're on Hwy 95 southbound approximately 50 miles til we meet up with Hwy 4 towards Orlando. It's been a long drive. So far we've been in the van for 7 hours, but our spirits are high as we're blasting Elvis Costello, singing along and basically entertaining ourselves the best we can. Today, we stopped at a Waffle House for lunch. Waffle House doesn't exhist on the west coast and is a big favorite of mine. Perhaps those who have the Waffle House don't understand the genius of this place, but we on the west love it. They don't use computers, everything is hand written, cooked to order right in front of you and their juke box is chocked full of songs written about the waffle house. Quite an amazing assortment of tunes.

Our waitress, was quite the character. She liked to make wise cracks about everything and got mad when I put on 7 straight waffle house songs to her displeasure. The other day, I went to a dollar store and bought two books. Both are hardbacks that retail for over $25, but were only a dollar at the dollar store. Perhaps that means that they aren't the best of books, but it was only a dollar so what do I have to lose. One is called "The Last Amateurs" by John Feinstein and the other is called "The Irritable Heart" by Jeff Wheelwright. Hopefully I can finish them by the end of the tour. I'm an extremely slow reader and when I'm on tour, even slower as there as so many fun things to do that I am easily distracted.

Last night, the tour stopped by Charlotte, NC at a place called Tremont Music Hall. The entire staff was quite pleasant and they cooked us a great meal to boot. At times, the audience felt a bit disheartened, but by the end of the show we had gotten a ton of young adults to register to vote and it gave us a boost of energy. During my set, I felt pretty comfortable and thought I got a pretty good reaction, but it was hard to tell as the front row of people were very enthused and perhaps distorted my ability to gauge whether or not I was getting a good reaction as I could only hear them after each song. All in all, I felt pretty happy with the show.

My allergies have been kicking a bit in NC and the addition of smoking by the audience members gave me a headache. Hopefully Florida will relieve me of any allergy type symptonms. Tonight Cursive is going to have a party at their hotel, but I think I'm going to relax and try to practice guitar a bit. I'd like to work on new music and I think there will be many more opportunities to hang out, so I better use this free time to do something productive. I'm getting a bit dizzy typing while we drive, so I'm gonna hang up and write more tomorrow. Be well y'all and smile big.

Peace, Mike Park