May 04, 2004
12:49 AM

Glutony, glutonous, glutomania is taking over my body. We ate at the Golden Corral buffet and I ate enough to feed a third world country for at least a few meals. I kept shoving it down and down. That was lunch and I still feel the wrath of the food in every burp 11 hours later.

Tonight, we went to a minor league baseball game featuring the Charlotte Knights vs. the Louisville Bats. The first foul ball of the game came off the bat of pro ball player Jose Valentin of the Chicago White Sox. He is going through rehab in the minors and guess who came up with the foul ball. Yes, me..... The 10,000 seat coliseum had only about 500 people in attendance, so my chances for a foul ball were very good.

To be honest, the game was extremely entertaining. I definitely had as good a time at this minor league outing as I do at the pro games. Lots of great heckling and silly promotional deals to get the people excited. By the 9th inning there were less than 100 people left in the ball park. We sat in the front row behind home plate. Total cost of the ticket was $3. It was 2 for 1 if you said POWERBALL when you bought your ticket as I learned this by going on line to research any minor league game possibilities on my days off.

Starting tomorrow, my eating habits must change. I'm feeling extremely lathargic and need a kick of healthy grub. Wish me luck.

peace, mike park