May 03, 2004
3:07 AM

I'm in the Courtyard Marriot in Charlotte, NC. We just got back from seeing the PUNISHER. It was a horrible movie and an even more horrifying experience. You see, I am a bad, bad, bad man. We went to the 10:15 PM showing and there was nobody there. Just the 4 of us and then 3 guys came and eventually about 4 more people came for a total of 7 people besides us. The 3 guys who showed up sat in back and were the loud, obnoxious types who wouldn't stop talking.

After 20 minutes of belching and fart noises, I lost it. I stood up, said the F word about 5 times and then went up to confront them. I sat next to them and said keep laughing and see what happens. What the F*CK was my problem? I totally lost it and spent the whole movie sitting next to them. The guys shut up(As I am an imposing physical specimen), but man I just handled it wrong and am feeling pretty dumb right now. Arggghhhh.... Anyways, I better go to sleep ZZZZZZZZZ..

Peace, mike park